Now Lifestyle Program Woman’s Only Support Group

Now Lifestyle Program Woman's Only Support Group

Now Lifestyle Program Woman’s Only Support Group









Good Day Ladies,

There are so many misconceptions and downright lies when it comes to ladies lifting weights.


Good news First ladies, Watch this video I did for you then:


  1. We now have a ladies only Now Lifestyle Support Group. You can join that group here:


  1. You can invite other woman only to the group and if they join Now Lifestyle Program you get credit.

Just try that link above and then go to the group, and on the right side of the group; you will see a description asking ladies to join NowLifestyle for FREE!


If they do YOU GET CREDIT for life!!


Ok Readers, here comes honesty, don’t hate me pls. But these are some of the misconceptions that woman have and are already discussing in the group.


[+] Resistance training does not make woman big. Eating too many cupcakes does that.

[+] I can’t train my arms or my thighs because they are already, big enough! WRONG, you have skinny tiny muscles surrounded by a lot of fat


Please watch this video I did for you, and then join The New Ladies Only Support Group.

Please watch this video first


Sorry guys, no discrimination 🙂 Have an AWESOME weekend Everyone!!


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